Midnight on I-95 (MIH 21)

So last time, we told you that we’re in D.C. We’d planned to shoot a story here, but like a couple of other shoots along the way… schedule’s didn’t line up. And well, we’re hoping to come back and do the shoot in January. We’d love to tell you what it is, cause it’s not a minor one, but we don’t want to jinx it… so deal.

Now we’re here hanging with Abby’s sister Heather…

…and we’ve got two days on our hands to edit that Austin vlog and maybe, just maybe get some other footage out there… but don’t hold your breath (for that other footage) it’s getting hard to cut video on the road.

In the meantime, we had a couple of little adventures on the way to D.C. and we wanted to share them with y’all.

We left Lake Chuck Monday morning headed for New Orleans for the night, but we made a pit stop in Baton Rouge to hang out with Jeremey’s friend Jon Rogers and his girlfriend Jessica.

They’ve got their own little D.I.Y. blog/ clothing brand/ screen shop called TBC Party. (Thanks for the shoutout y’all.)

At Adam’s wedding we talked to Jon about it and he invited us over to check out their operation.

In the true D.I.Y. spirit, they’re running it out of a spare bedroom upstairs. They have all their screens and a light table set up in there. And they wash the screens in the bathtub. Pretty rad, especially since Jon started it just cause he thought B.R. needed a brand that he could be more psyched on. TBC Party is pretty cool so go check out their blog. Who knows, we might even upload some footage of Jon screening one of those t-shirts…

In New Orleans we stayed with Jeremey’s mom who was there on business. We had dinner with his family, and then went to Café DuMond for dessert.

In the morning we headed for Savannah, GA just cause we wanted to.

On Halloween we woke up in Savannah and headed downtown to check out all the parks.

We had some rad crab cakes at the Cornerstone Café.

Then we saw a rattlesnake along the river.

Yeah that’s right there was a wild rattlesnake loose in Savannah!

Luckily this dude was there to wrangle it…

Or just knock it back in the river.

Abby was so psyched on it that she sat down and made some “business calls.”

After the snake-fest we headed to the Savannah Cemetery.

We were hoping to see some zombies or something, but no such luck.

We couldn’t find the Garden of Good and Evil, but we did buy the book on CD. That broke our month long, “only Wu-Tang Clan” policy. Actually that’s not true, we broke our policy the night before and listened to talk radio… big mistake.

From Savannah we headed to Washington D.C., with it’s mind-boggling name. What exactly do they mean “District of Columbia”? Some how we both missed that class in high school. We just don’t get it… Is it the Washington District… of someplace called Columbia? I think Iran Contra has something to do with this, or possibly just Nintendo Contra… If you know, let us know.

Stay tuned.

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