Lost in Philly (MIH 26)

…And now back to Make It Happen. We hope everyone’s holiday was filled with overeating.

When we left off we were in New York, but we hadn’t told you how we got there. So let us tell you all about our brief experience in Philadelphia which is where we headed after D.C… to West Philly to be exact, to meet up with Scott Beibin of the Lost Film Festival.

Lost Film Fest is a traveling multimedia extravaganza focused on Pranking Corporations, Activism, Culture Jamming, and Social Commentary.

Scott Beibin is a D.I.Y. extraordinaire of sorts. In his life and travels he’s been an activist, run a record label, made ‘zines, traveled the world with his festival, and right now in addition to Lost Film Fest he also co-runs Evil Twin Booking Agency with his partner Liz. They book events for people like the Yes Men, the creators of The Corporation, former members of the Weather Underground, and even musical acts like Dead Prez. And that’s not all… he also markets organic and natural foods companies like Steaz Energy Drinks and Raw Revolution. Scott’s quite the busy guy.

We met up with him at his house in West Philly, which was a little overwhelming for us. Scott resides in a fairly large, historic feeling house that’s overflowing with strange knick-knacks and memorabilia that he’s accumulated over the years. The place radiates with memories. Apparently it was the spot to crash for traveling bands in the nineties and has also been a hub for Scott’s activism and his many projects. There was so much to look at that we never quite got our bearings… or even remembered to take out our cameras…

From Scott’s house we headed over to Evil Twin to pick up Liz…

…and then to the Bubble Lounge for a special Lost Film Fest performance set up just for us.

We hadn’t seen the show before so we weren’t quite sure what to expect… and even now we aren’t quite sure how to describe it. Scott hosts the night cracking in with jokes and commentary between short films that range from mock conspiracy theories to transgender comedies. If the show rolls through your town, you’ve got to check it out.

The next night Scott and Liz set up another show for us at The Change You Want to See Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn… so we headed up to NYC for a second mind-boggling round of Lost Film Fest. The Gallery was pretty packed out and we were happy that so many people turned out for the show. We met a lot of cool people and had a great time.

The kids who owned the Gallery even offered to let us crash there for the night, but we needed to check in with Abby’s old roommate Meredith in Queens, so we parted ways with Scott and Liz… and headed into the wilds of New York City. For now we offer a sincere thank you to Scott and Liz for their enthusiasm about our project.

Stay tuned for updates from NYC, a new vlog coming soon, and round two with Scott and Liz on the way back to Louisiana for Thanksgiving.

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  1. lo says:

    I can’t wait to see the footage that you got from your time in Philly. Getting Scott Beibin for Make It Happen is a big score.

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