Livin' La Vida Lowlife (MIH 24)

Lowcard Mag
in S.F. was the first story we shot for Make It Happen. Yeah, yeah, we know it’s lacking a vlog, but we’re hoping to remedy that situation sooner than later. The Lowcard Story is essential to our long term goals for the Make It Happen doc. (We even have clips from the shoot in our first video… that’s Lowcard Rob twirling his skateboard.) With that said, the cool folks over at gave us a shout out in their news section a couple of days ago and we wanted to return the love.

On Wednesday, November 21st… that’s right the day before Thanksgiving… at Mars Bar in San Fran, Lowcard is throwing a release party for Issue #20. Oh yeah, the mystery cover will be revealed. 9PM, 7th and Brannan. If you’re in the Bay you better be there. …”GET HUNG OVER FOR THE HOLIDAY.”

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  1. Braden says:

    killer boots, man.

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