We're Still Here (MIH 14)

We got another donation! Thanks to Jim Horsfield over at Myogenic.net for donating us some scrilla. Jim is over in London, which means that we are not just big, we are huge in the U.K. So, if any other brits want to donate some pounds feel free, cause your money is worth twice as much as ours. $20 bucks to you is $40 bucks to us… Think about it.

And check out Jim’s work, he’s an independent filmmaker in London and he produces some real quality material. Thanks so much Jim!

So last time we checked in we had just survived Jeremey’s high school reunion in Lake Charles, LA. After the reunion we chilled in L.C. for a couple days, ate po boy’s at all the fine Lake Chuck establishments…

… and then headed to New Orleans.

New Orleans was a blur. We stayed with Jeremey’s sister Miranda who lives uptown near Tulane.

The first night we headed to Bourbon for Abby’s mandatory New Orleans tourist debauchery experience. We had the most amazing jambalaya at Coop’s on Decatur, drank Hand Grenades on Bourbon St., and watched Big Al Carson get busy at the Funky Pirate. Big Al called Miranda to the stage and invited her to get acquainted with his armless, legless friend Phil…

…the tip jar and then he sent her around the bar collecting cash with the instructions, “we don’t make change.”

The next day we took in the sights, ate Muffaletta’s at Central Grocery, Beignets at Café DuMonde, and we’re pretty sure we drank some more; it’s New Orleans after all. We also checked out the local art scene at Art for Art’s Sake, and then headed to the Republic for the Fleur de Tease Burlesque show.

On Sunday we caught up with New Orleans Poet Chuck Perkins for our second shoot on the road.

Chuck performs spoken word and jazz poetry with his group Voices of the Big Easy. His work spans from poems about growing up in New Orleans to the political fall-out of post Katrina, and it’s all totally enthralling.

We met Chuck through a mutual friend by the name of Andy Shocken. Andy worked with and befriended Chuck during the Katrina aftermath while he was in New Orleans working on a documentary project of his own. When we told Chuck about our project a couple of months ago he was totally down for the cause… and generous enough to set up a special Voices of the Big Easy performance at Café Rose Nicaud in the Marigny just for us.

So on Sunday, we forced Jeremey’s sister into intern servitude (she’s in film school at UNO) and headed for Chuck’s house to shoot his interview. Then it was off to Café Nicaud for the performance… which was completely amazing.

Voices of the Big Easy puts on a full jazz poetry experience complete with drums, trumpet, sax, bongo’s, tambourines, a stand up bass, a Mardi Gras Indian, and of course… Chuck and his brilliant poetry.

The cafe was an intimate venue, and the audience seemed to be both familiar with, and in love with Chuck’s work. His performance was so full of energy and the life of New Orleans that you couldn’t help but loose yourself in it. It felt like being in somebody’s living room.

People in the Café were talking to Chuck in between songs and poems, people from the neighborhood were stopping in and getting involved with the show, and towards the end Chuck was inviting friends to join in with the performance. There was a couple playing German drinking songs, a Ukrainian guitarist singing in Russian, and a young member of the Neville family doing the best Louis Armstrong impression we’ve ever heard. Oh, and Chuck took the cue from us and Big Al, and put Miranda to work at the door c
ollecting donations.

Thanks for setting it up Chuck Perkins. Thanks for your generosity. And good luck on the road. Voices of the Big Easy is headed to Chicago soon for their first performances outside of Nola. When we find out the dates for those shows we’ll post them for everybody in the Chicago area.

In the meantime we’ll have a vlog about our shoot with Chuck, that should be coming down the line in a few weeks.

On Monday we planned to get pick up shots of the city but Mother Nature had other plans and rained us right out of New Orleans. We’ll have to get those shots on the way back through.

Next stop, Austin. Yep we’re head back to Texas. Our friend Michael Sieben came through and hooked us up with a few more Austin stories, we just hope we have enough time to get them all.

As a thanks to Michael and a mutual plug, here’s the profile Jeremey, Allison Muir, and Aaron Hull did of Mr. Sieben last summer:

Until the next round…

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