Soulja Boy (MIH 19)

We’re back in the Boot.
We got here last Thursday for double wedding action… as some of you might have noticed if you check our calendar. The two weddings don’t have much to do with Make It Happen, but everything to do with being there for your homies (Jeremey’s homies that is).

The first wedding was for the newly minted Dan and Jordan Robertson, which happened Saturday night in Lake Chuck. The next Lake Charles wedding is coming up this Saturday on the Collin’s Compound for Austin residents, the future Adam and Rachael Young. Bryant Collins is marrying them, and if you know Bryant, you know just how awesome that is. We’re looking forward to that wedding for sho, and for all those Austin heads coming down to the Chuck. So congrats Dan and Jordan. And congrats ahead of time to Adam and Rachael.

We suck and we didn’t really take any pictures at Dan’s wedding except for this picture of D-Mitch’s sockless ankle.

But let us tell you that the reception was off the chain with a 3-year-old dancing full b-boy steez to that Soulja Boy song, some pink painted boobies on Jordan’s windshield, and the newly weds headed for “Floda or Bust!” Y’all are just gonna have to take our word for it.

Since we’ve been in the Chuck, Jeremey got to judge the Double Trouble skate contest at Ripperz Skatepark. Soon to be married Adam Young was also a judge, as well as a couple guys from the Skate Spot in Lafayette, LA.

(Oakley sponsored the event.)

We didn’t have anybody on the course snapping photos cause Jeremey was judging and Abby was helping Brenda (owner/organizer) put together prize packages.

Clayton (the owner of Ripperz) gave Jeremey a little too much “soda” so he can’t really remember the names of the kids that won, but his homies Cody and Dez came in second. Brenda did a great job organizing, “Reverend” Bryant rocked the mic, D.J. Cazo was on the tables, and the contest pretty much went off. We’re proud of the skate scene in the Chuck, it’s going strong down in the dirty.

And speaking of skating, if you’re in the Bay on October 29th head on over to Beauty Bar for the ten years of Roughneck party, Jonny and that guy from Hightower are spinning…

…And speaking of stuff to do… In the D.I.Y. spirit a crew of kids right here in Lake Charles have put together a non-profit called Poor Pony with only one goal, to “make it happen” in the Lake Area. Poor Pony is throwing a big party in downtown Lake Charles this Friday the 26th, so if you’re anywhere near L.C. head down there for live music in all the bars, and bring a costume ‘cause the streets’ll be popping with a Thriller dance off.

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in Lake Charles, and we’re working on that first Austin Vlog at this exact moment, so that’ll be coming at y’all in the next couple of days.

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