Smiley Triangle (MIH 18)

We’re still in Texas!

(Shannon LeBoeuf Frontside Air at Kevin’s Ramp: Photo by Dan Barnett)

We’ve been in Austin shooting the wonderful people at OK Mountain. On Monday night we met up with everyone (yet again) to shoot individual interviews about their personal artwork and their connection with OK Mtn.

It was awesome getting to meet so many talented and dedicated artists here in Austin. Thanks to Justin Goldwater, Nathan Green, Ryan Hennessee, Michael Sieben, Sterling Allen, and Corkey Sinks for hanging out and talking with us about OK Mountain.

Yesterday we met up with Sieben and followed him to Seguin, TX to put up an OK Mountain instillation on the campus of Texas Lutheran University.

Until early December, work from the artists involved in OK Mtn will be on display at TLU.

After Sieben set up the beginnings of the instillation, he took us to a local Mexican restaurant for a gut busting lunch.

The food was amazing. No rats were actually involved. However, Jeremey got violently ill that night. Afterward Sieben took off to finish hanging the art in the gallery.

Last night, we met up with Corkey for one last OK Mtn shoot.

She was kind enough to show us around the OK Mtn studios and give us a look into her work.

That’s about it for our Austin adventures. We might go shoot some footage around town before we head out.

We also want to give another shout out to Amy Mullins and Shannon LeBoeuf (and Dizzy!) for letting us crash at their place.

Another big donation came in last night! A ginormous thanks to Sara Henry for placing a chunk of $$ into our Chip In Pay Pal account! Sara said she’s really excited about our stories and can’t wait to see what we do. Hopefully we can make her proud. Thank you Sara!

And last but not least, this one goes out to our friend and web designer, Erik Jessen who is responsible for the look of our blog and of our portfolio site, Jaded Multimedia. Erik’s wife Kaela just gave birth to their first child, Graham Jessen.

Congrats E.J. you’re a dad now, crazy…

On to the next city…

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