Shot Through the Heart (MIH 16)

We’re back in Texas!

We drove up to Austin on Friday and headed straight to Okay Mountain to start our shoot…

but nobody was there. So, we detoured to our favorite wifi hot spot, called Michael Sieben, and then drove back to Okay Mountain to start our shoot.

Okay Mountain is an Art Collective/ Gallery in Austin committed to creating a welcoming environment to nurture the growing Austin art scene.

One of the artists involved is Michael Sieben who Jeremey interviewed last year for a Current TV project. When we told Sieben about Make It Happen he was psyched and volunteered to help us hook up some Austin stories. He’s been really cool to us and has acted as our liaison with lots of Austin DIY folks, including the other Okay Mountain artists. He even arranged for us to shoot native Houstonian, now New York based artist, Jason Villegas finishing up the installation for his Saturday show.

After Jason was done, we drank Lone Star in the backyard with the Okay crew, set up interviews for Monday, and then headed to Polvo’s for fajitas & margaritas with some friends.

On Saturday we headed back to Okay Mountain, shot Jason Villegas’s opening, drank more beer… cause Okay Mountain supplies a keg and chips for patrons of the arts… and then we headed to Scoot Inn for the after party…

Scoot Inn was double booked with a wedding reception for Kevin and Rachael Trahan, who we happen to be acquainted with.

In fact, our gracious host’s Shannon and Amy we’re both in the wedding party, which was supposedly the “best wedding ever” complete with tuxedo t-shirts, gang of four, and lots of (you guessed it) booze and food during the ceremony… at least that’s what we heard. While we can’t confirm any of that, we can testify that the reception was pretty rocking.

And we mean a live band on stage, backing rock and roll karaoke with the bride and groom (and even the groom’s mom) doing Bon Jovi covers.

Congratulations Trahan’s!

So yes, the Okay Mountain After Party/ Kevin and Rachael’s reception was a blast. A couple of other ex-Current TV employees (now Austin transplants) Sydney Katz and Ruth Rosenthal even met us up there and partook in the festivities.

Yesterday morning we went back up to the Mountain to interview Jason before he headed home to the NYC.

And tonight we’re going back to the Mountain to shoot interviews with the artists involved in the collective. Tomorrow we’re going to try and check out the bats of Austin… word has it they leave in October, so hopefully there’s a few still hanging out (no pun intended).

Until next time…

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