Money Train (MIH 17)

Our homie Angelo Hjelm, who we thought was “riding the rails” through Europe is back in the Bay and donating to TeamJaded, thanks for the cash ‘Lo.

Paloma Ramirez also matched Angelo’s donation to the cent. Unintentionally of course… as the two have never met. We are oh so thankful for her donation as well- coming in all the way from NYC. Thanks Paloma, you’re awesome!

And one last, but not least, huge thanks goes to David DeLuca who donated some mad scrilla… or we could just call it a big chunk o’ dough. Also from NYC, Dave’s donation helped us reach 1% of our final goal!! We bow down and thank you Dave.

And in case you’ve ever wondered what happened with Maggie (Abby’s cat), well… Angelo and his family graciously took her in for the duration of the trip. If you never met Maggie, here you go:

We are so grateful to each of you (Angelo, Paloma, & Dave). Thank you!

One Response to “Money Train (MIH 17)”

  1. lo says:

    Best money I ever did spend.

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