LA is not L.A. (MIH 12)

Despite our efforts to eat Ramen and PB&J, we’ve experienced an influx of amazing food. Our gracious Austin host, Shannon, took us to Sam’s BBQ.

Our plates (and subsequently, bellies) were filled with delicious chicken, sausage and brisket, beans, potato salad, and pickles. We amazed ourselves as we realized we had eaten almost every bit of food.

Abby learned she liked potato salad, and everyone agreed the Sweat Tea was awesome.

On our way out of Austin, we stumbled upon this sign next to an Exxon Station.

We’re pretty psyched to see that Presbyterian Austinites aren’t feeling the Bush War.

After Austin we drove to Louisiana, making a pit stop in Hruska’s in Ellinger, TX. We ate yummy turkey sandwiches at a place that served Kolaches.

In case you don’t know what Kolaches are, they’re basically fried dough with stuff (cheese, meat, etc) in them. We voted ‘no’ on the fried and decided to stick with the healthier food.

We arrived in Louisiana late in the afternoon.

We made ourselves pretty and headed out to Lake Charles’ own Brick House. It was here Jeremey was reunited after ten years of separation with his high school graduating class. Buffet style food, a couple drink tickets, sentimental 90’s pop music, and awkward conversations filled the evening. Abby enjoyed herself while Jeremey pretended it wasn’t actually happening. After the expensive get-together, we headed to Jeremey’s friends house, while the class of ’97 went to a local bar.

Since then we’ve been working to get y’all another vlog. Be on the lookout for a video about our adventures across the Southwest.

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