Louisiana is it’s own country.

Well, at least it feels like it. Driving down I-10, I was bombarded by a language of words I’d never seen… or heard. In fact, I’m pretty sure without a Louisiana native reading the road signs, I’d have no idea what these words even sounded like.

For example: Atchafalaya. Or Calcasieu. Or try this one: Tchoupitoulas.

The only true Louisiana word I had come in contact with prior to this experience was “Lagniappe” (at TV Land we would make promos called “Lagniappes” because they served no functional purpose other than being entertaining). Coincidentally, about 8 years ago, Jeremey worked at Lagniappe Magazine in Lake Charles, LA.

Anyhoo, in the past few weeks, I’ve acquired a whole new vocabulary. And let me tell you, Louisianans sure know how to make speaking entertaining. Seriously, say these words out loud. I promise, they’re fun to say. Kinda like the word “Mahogany” (it just rolls off your tongue, right?).

And now I present:

Abby’s List of Fun Louisiana Words! (click on the words to learn what they are)

Boudin: [boo-DAN]
Étouffée: [ey-too-fey]
Jambalaya: juhm-buh-lahy-uh]
Gumbo: [guhm-boh]
Bayou: [bahy-oo]
Creole: [kree-ohl]
Doubloons: [dŭ-blōōn]
Gris Gris: [gree-gree]
Muffuletta: [muhf-uh-laht-uh]
Picayune: [pik-ee-yoon]
Pirogue: [pee-row] Not to be confused with the Polish “Pierogi
Iowa: [eye-uh-way]
Bingeaux: [Bingo]

They don’t have Counties here either… they have Parishes. And apparently state law is based on Napoleonic Code. Now you know why Louisiana is basically another country.

Also, on a final note, say this word out loud (for real): “Oyster”
Did you say “Oi-stchur” or “Oi-ster”?
Just wondering.

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  1. lo says:

    Louisiana truly is a wonderful other world…

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