Who Dat (MIH 11)

We are in Austin, TX. We got here late Sunday night and then had a little adventure looking for Star Seed’s Café, which was “close” to where we’re staying.

But apparently close in Austin means several miles, not like close in S.F. which means you can walk to it. Soooo we ended up at Denny’s- but it was a totally rocking Denny’s all decked out fifties style with a big outdoor patio… it was cool, we swear. We’ve been slacking on the blog the last couple of days. We’re staying with Jeremey’s friend Shannon of Banana Farm fame…

and Shannon’s girlfriend Amy (Buckshot) of the Texas Roller Girls. They’ve got a big tournament this weekend so if you’re in the Austin area go out there and show them some love.

Shannon and Amy just moved into a new spot and don’t have the Internet. So right now we’re lurking at Clementine’s Coffee on Manor using their free wifi.

Austin’s been pretty rad; we shot our first story on the road, Austin Craft Mafia. Now, there’s a ton of ladies who are part of the Craft Mafia… we shot three of them. The first was Hope Perkins who does amazing portraits of dead rappers.

She did not do one of Mac Dre for Jeremey…

(but she said she’d do it for $250.)

…Oh yeah and we saw the most bizarre bug outside of Hope’s place…

If anybody can name it, we’ll let you donate fifty bucks to us.

Tina Sparkles was next. She showed us how she makes the coolest guitar straps in the world. Last but not least was Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching who was gracious enough to let us interrupt her incredibly busy day to interview her and shoot her operation. She has so much stuff going on, we’re truly grateful that she let us bug her for a couple of hours. She dropped some very thoughtful and intelligent commentary about D.I.Y. culture on us and she even hooked Abby up with an embroidery kit.

Thanks ladies. And look out for some tidbits from those shoots coming soon.

We spent part of Monday night at a New Orleans Saints Bar with Shannon and some other Austin folks watching the Saints get stomped.

So then we headed to Long Branch to numb the pain. Everybody keeps telling us to go swimming in one of the creeks here, but we didn’t bring swimsuits and Wally World was a huge disappointment. Next stop Savers…

Oh yeah, and the Queso is rocking.

2 Responses to “Who Dat (MIH 11)”

  1. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club says:

    I was sorry we did not get to meet while you were in town, but I heard from the girls that filming went well and I look forward to seeing everything. Esp the part with Hope (shes my little sister so I’m partial)

  2. Jeremey says:

    The shoots went great. We can’t wait to cut them and share them with the world. And Hope was awesome. She’s funny, talented, and her art is dope. …If you did want to meet up, we’ll be back in Austin the week after next. We were going up to Nashville, but we’ve met so many people doing so much cool stuff in Austin that we’ve just got to come back and shoot a few more stories.

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