What Scrilla Really Means (MIH9)

You may have noticed the “Chip In” button over to the right. You may have asked yourself, “Why in the world do they need $50,000?!” We were pretty shocked too. When we set out to partake in this grand adventure we knew it would be expensive… What we didn’t know was how much we’d have to go into debt. Since getting a business loan was a bust, we were forced to pull out the ol’ credit cards, high interest and all. We’ve basically reached the limit on our current ones purchasing equipment, and have utilized our parents’ generosity to their fullest extent. Before the trip started we saved up as much as possible at our Current TV jobs all while taking on extra Freelance work… but it was impossible to reach our goal. So that’s why we decided to put up the donate button. Help us get rid of our debt! We’re not expecting to actually get all $50,000 we need- but anything… one dollar, 20 dollars or 5000 dollars (ha)… anything will help. This is truly an independent endeavor… so we are completely and utterly grateful to those helping us along the way.

If you’re curious to see how it all breaks down… see below.

Further Breakdown:


The Canon Camera Packages include a Canon XH-A1, Wide Angle Lens, Shotgun, Camera Backpack, Lavaliere Mics, .3 Ultra Fisheye Lens, Extra Batteries, Camera Light, and Accessories.

Computers & Hard Drives:

The Computers are used consistently on the road for blog updates, email, story correspondence, research, and editing vlogs. The Hard Drives will be used for all the stories, projects, raw materials, footage, etc. (Video takes up LOTS of space).


We decided to get rid of our apartments so we could save a ton of money. Now we pay only $200 a month to store all of our belongings!


As we all know, gas is super expensive. Since being on the road we’ve seen prices from $2.55 to $3.80! We’ve factored in bit more money in this area on the chance that prices continue to rise.


Grocery stores are the way to go! We’re mastering the art of Supermarket Road Food. It’s cheaper and healthier than going out and … well, as much as everyone loves Taco Bell… Safeway and Trader Joe’s will always win in our book.

We’ve planned to shoot in cities where we can crash at friend’s houses. However, there are places where we don’t know peeps (Georgia, Philly), plus the random stops we must take between long distance destinations. We’re limiting the motel staying as much as possible.

Combined Bills:

This includes our monthly minimum credit card payments, cell phone bills, health insurance, student loan payments, and car insurance.

Extra Living Expenses:
This equals about $200 dollars a month for unforeseen expenses. Not completely necessary, but saying we needed $49,000 seems a little weird. Adding the thousand made it a nice round number. Plus, who knows what could happen on the road.

We’ve had 11 contributors so far and we can’t thank each of you enough.
Updated 10/15/07
Thank You:
Paloma Ramirez
David DeLuca
Nancy & Mark Joslin
Angelo Hjelm
Randy Lavoi
Tim and Hollis Berendt
Conor Knighton
Dan Stoneberg
Heather Berendt
Neil Cocker
James Horsfield

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