The heat goes on… (MIH4)

We’ve been reaching out to quite a few stories these past few weeks- from Austin to NOLA to NYC. We’re really psyched about some of the responses we’re getting, and looking forward to meeting the people behind the emails. One of the stories we just recently contacted is the Lost Film Fest. Jeremey and I have yet to see the spectacle ourselves, however, we know this is going to be an awesome shoot. Scott, the mastermind behind Lost Film Fest said they’re in the process of booking a pretty solid show (with some amazing attendees, but I’m not sure if we can disclose that yet!). We’re hoping to line up our schedule to sync with the performance (which will be in Philly). That means we wont be shooting this one until mid-November, but time will fly.

On a side note, a few weeks ago we made a quick trip to LA. It was here we discovered our air conditioner didn’t work in our two-week-old (used) car. You NEVER need AC in SF, so for those two weeks we were oblivious to the impending heat-monster-Honda. But let me tell you, while driving south on the 5 with the windows down, we were not happy campers (I actually hate the term “Happy Campers”. I apologize for using it). So our car is in the shop right now… think good thoughts that they will fix it (cheap) and we wont have to sweat our way across the country.

Only 11 days ’til we hit the road.

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