The Final Countdown (MIH5)

The past week has been utterly hectic. From attending a friends wedding in another time zone, packing up the apartments, contacting and confirming stories, figuring out all the last minute details, all while trying to get in the final hits of our favorite SF spots; we are facing exhaustion before we even hit the road. Our calendar is a mess of crossed off lists that somehow continue to pile on more errands each day. Finding a storage unit, buying car supplies, travel food, atlases, boxes, forwarding addresses, getting a business PO box, fixing the AC (it’s fixed!)- Somehow, it’s all getting done.

We’ve managed to sneak in a bit of time to enjoy Green Apple Bookstore, Café Venice, and El Toreador before we leave. However, these next two days are going to be tough. Everything needs to be packed and put into storage- hopefully I can muster up the strength to help Jeremey move his couch to the Uhaul!

We’ll be hitting you up with our route soon. There’s a possibility we might have to re-route for a few weeks – Last night Hurricane Humberto hit in Beaumont, TX and the all up the Louisiana-Texas border (Lake Charles escaped the worst). And although being from Colorado I know nothing personally about Hurricanes, Jeremey’s been given the heads up about the chance of another one hitting the same time we’ll be in Louisiana. We’ll be keeping an eye out. Hopefully everything will be safe- the last thing Louisiana needs is another storm.

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