Roadkill, Roswell, Rain, and the Road. (MIH8)

It’s been a long three days since Las Vegas. We haven’t had the best of luck arriving at tourist destinations at a reasonable hour. For example: We managed to pull up to the Grand Canyon Park Entrance at dark, we arrived in Roswell less than one hour after everything (even restaurants) closed, and we missed traveling anywhere near the Marfa Lights because of a severe storm. The good news is we didn’t die in a flash flood. And we have some pictures from our adventures.

To our surprise (somehow we didn’t realize until we were basically there) we drove over the Hoover Dam.

We stopped in Seligman, AZ, home of the Route 66 tourist capital.

The couple stores that line the main street are filled with memorabilia and cheap tourist trinkets. Don’t worry, we avoided purchasing any license plates or key chains with our names plastered on them. Jeremey however, bought a vanilla milkshake from Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive In. It was amazing. Oh, and we also drove past the Roadkill Café.

Roswell was, well, dead. Apparently there are no signs of life (alien or human) after 5:00pm.

The storm hit us between Roswell and (what we hoped to drive to) Fort Stockton. There was lightening on every side of us, thunder always getting closer. The rain was pouring buckets that seemed to splash in lakes on the increasingly invisible road. Luckily we found a small picnic area, and parked it behind a semi truck.

I was certain we were facing death by flash flood. No civilization for over 48 miles. Jeremey’s phone had no service- mine was spotty at best. Thankfully, we got through to Jeremey’s mom who informed us that we were about to hit a break in the storm. If we pressed on for 40 minutes, we might criss-cross through the calm, and make it out. Well, since you’re reading this blog, you know the ending. It was scary… but we made it to Pecos, TX, and gave up driving until the morning.

Yesterday was a thrilling and exciting day of driving across Texas. The good news is you can drive pretty fast.

We arrived in Lake Charles, LA late last night to pick up… a CAMERA! Jeremey’s Dad, who is an entrepreneur himself, came to our aid and gave us the funds we needed to get our second camera. We are incredibly thankful for his generosity.

…This is Jeremey’s dad standing over his Christmas feast.
Thanks so much Dad (Randy).

Tomorrow, we head to Austin…

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