No Sur! (MIH6)

At approximately 9pm on Saturday, September 15th, we, TeamJaded officially left San Francisco. After three days of packing, hauling, moving, storing, cleaning, and again packing (the car), we embarked on the official “Make It Happen” road trip.

At approximately 10pm on Saturday, September 15th, we, TeamJaded arrived in San Jose, CA. We were tired. We needed sleep. We needed to say goodbye to a good friend… and return a vacuum. Our friend Marika was kind enough to let us crash at her place and this morning we awoke ready to hit the road.

And by this morning we mean about noon, and then some time after Safeway Sushi, looking for a Sprint store (Jeremey’s cell phone broke) getting lost in the means streets of San Ho, and repacking the back seat of the car, (believe us, it’s gnar), we left San Jose headed for Big Sur.

Big Sur was going to be a night of rest in a beautiful place, then perhaps a morning run on the beach before we really set off across America… But it turns out Big Sur is for bourgeoisie rich people and the cheapest “cabin” was a hundred and fifty bucks, the most expensive that we found was fourteen eighty-five… “that’s in hundreds” the booth boy sneered at us, and then asked us to drive around the booth rather than turning around in the parking lot and disturbing the rich people.

So we back tracked to Monterey and landed our selves in the less than fifty bucks a night Economy Inn. That’s right, Hotel Coupons. Find ‘em at a gas station near you.

Oh yeah, and we ate Chop Suey… It tastes exactly like Chinese food.

That’s it for the first day of Make It Happen. Stay tuned for blog and vlog updates. We’ll be shooting our first on-the-road story next week, we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Thanks for the people who’ve been donating money (you know who you are, big Dan Stoneberg) we wouldn’t be living large at the Economy Inn without you.

And also thanks to Neil Cocker for the blog shout out and the donation.

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