And it Begins… (MIH3)

Huge news for us, we’ve decided on a rough route. …Which has a few detours to Jeremey’s hometown for a couple of weddings and a reunion. We’ll be posting that shortly. We also sent out feelers to a bunch of our friends, hitting them for insider info on their towns, story ideas, and couches to crash on. Then we started our story outreach and emailed dozens of potentials… and we even got nibbles from some really talented people in Texas, the Austin Craft Mafia. It looks like they’re down to work with us, and we’re really excited to shoot their story… especially since it includes portraits of dead rappers. We’ve got some other cool stuff cooking in Austin, but none of it is confirmed, so we’ll let you know when we know.

Last but not least, you may have noticed that in our first vlog, there are some shots of skaters. That’s because our first shoot was right here in San Francisco, the Lowcard Story. Lowcard is a D.I.Y. skate ‘zine in San Fran that has developed quite a following all around the country. More importantly, it’s built up a pretty solid skate community in S.F… which is a huge accomplishment in this city full independent skate “cells.”

We wrapped shooting on Lowcard Friday morning, with the option to do one extra shoot before we leave… if we think we need it. We’re really excited about this piece and we’ll upload some teaser clips as soon as we have all the footage captured in the next couple days.

(Also notice the naming convention at the top: MIH3, meaning this is the third Make It Happen entry. That way once we’re on MIH2447529083475, you can gauge just how far we’ve gone.)

Making it Happen…

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