Meet Bush? No thanks.

The last line of a New York Times article about Jeremy Hernandez, a Minneapolis bridge hero, says:

“When President Bush’s staff contacted him to request a photo opportunity, “He was just, like, ‘Nope,’ ” she said.”

Whether you believe Mr. Hernandez is skirting publicity or making a political stance, it’s a telling statement that Digg users have gotten into an uproar about the post. It’s number one as of this moment, and comments regarding the article make more of a statement on our society than the article subject itself.

1. Mr. Hernandez is worried about publicity. Except how weird is that? Shouldn’t EVERYONE want a photo-op whenever possible? Or wait, maybe he’s making a political statement trying to prove to society that celebrity status isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? Oh crap, maybe it’s just too much work. He didn’t want to waste all his time flying and being escorted to DC, just to shake a mans hand. I mean, he wanted to go fishing.


2. Mr. Hernandez dislikes Bush. By snubbing this photo opportunity he says to our government, “I don’t support you. Take that.” Or wait, maybe he should have taken the photo op, and told off Bush to his face. Oh crap, it’s too late, now he’s on the “against us” list.

If you think he hates Bush or hates Publicity, this Digg post and its surrogate comments amuse.

A sampling:

“Owned. I wouldn’t want to be in a picture with that assclown either.”

“The article does not say why he declined, yet everyone assumes his reasons are political.”

“He’s already had one brush with disaster – my guess is he doesn’t want another one.”

“He should have gotten an “I’m with stupid ->” t-shirt!”

“The summary is taken way out of context. Shame on you Blakovitch for stooping to this level to make this kid look like he hates Bush.”

“He should have taken him up on the opportunity and called him out on some shit when he was there. The article also says that a college offered him a full scholarship so good for him, its good to see good things come to those who do good deeds.”

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