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For those of you who have been paying attention, and even for all y’all who could care less, TeamJaded is about to partake currently on a grand adventure. That’s right, we’ve dumped our apartments in the beautiful city by the Bay and have taken off across America in our brand new (to us) 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid. We are navigating the open roads of America for at least two months… or until we run out of money.

But before you jump to conclusions, we are not living out some San Franciscan, Jack Kerouac fantasy conceived after too many nights in the Barmuda Triangle. We left San Francisco; not just in search of knowledge and adventure, but in search of stories.

We recognize that the times we live in are filled with negativity and turmoil. Between the Bush Administration, the 2005 Hurricane Season, the War on Terror, rampant corporate greed, the clueless mass media, and… the Bush Administration there aren’t too many reasons to get out of bed every morning.

All of this bums us out, makes us feel helpless, and well yes, jaded. We recognize that our political system has failed us. The fourth estate, the mass media has failed us. And well, even the food we eat has turned on us. (And where are the bees?)

We don’t know what to do. We don’t have all the answers… or even any of them. But we do know one thing; somewhere (and probably even everywhere) in this great country of ours there are people who have not given in to hopelessness and complacency. They have risen above prime time TV, fast food, and Bill O’Reilly. Somewhere in this nation there are people making things happen and we are going to find them.

And when we do, we’re going shove a camera in their face because these people inspire us and we want them to inspire others.

Yes, the people we are looking for are very special. They’ve stood up and achieved amazing things without the help of governments or corporations.

We’re looking for individuals and small groups who have created something important for their community, something that was needed even if nobody knew it. These people that we’re looking for do not need to have a political agenda; they just have to be doing something positive and they must absolutely be DIY.

Are we looking for miracle makers? Self made astronauts? People who can play multiple instruments at the same time? No, not necessarily. “Created something important for their community” could mean helpful to just a few people, necessary for a small scene, or just the best thing ever for the entire nation.

It’s true, our criteria is a little broad, and a bit idealistic, but we need to cast a wide net to catch all the awesome we know is out there… and you can help us. In fact we need your help, because the people we are looking for are a lot of things… but easy to find isn’t one of them.

So if you know somebody, or a group of people who might be the perfect story for us, then please shoot us an email at info[at]jadedmultimedia[dot]com.

If you want a better idea of what we’re talking about, check out the story we shot on Bay Area all girls Hip Hop collective, Sisterz of the Underground.

The Sisterz are a group of women who started throwing hip hop shows in S.F. at the turn of the century and have become a bona fide force for women’s recognition in Hip Hop Culture. And what makes them positive (besides the force for women’s recognition thing) and amazing you ask? Well, they even run a Hip Hop Education program called Def Ed, where they employ the elements of Hip Hop to teach under-privileged inner-city kids and get them psyched about education. Watch the mini doc and (hopefully) be inspired.

Our launch date was September 15th, 2007. Even if you think the world is perfect and you’re not the least bit jaded, we hope you’ll join us. We’ve got a map of our route, our ever-changing schedule, and our vlogs (behind-the-scenes videos, if you will) up on the blog. We try to keep you updated with blog entries and videos of our progress and adventures along the way. We won’t deliver finished stories until the end, but we’ll definitely hit you up with teasers and updates, so that you all know where we are, how we’re doing, and if we’ve been inspired.

Now that you know the what, when, and why, we need your help to find the people making it happen D.I.Y steez. We also need couches to crash on. (And some more scrilla…)

Help us make it happen. …and America here we come.


5 Responses to “Make it Happen”

  1. Sissy says:

    Hey guys, good luck on your venture! I can’t wait to see you both when you make your way down here to us. I’m sure there must be people around us who would be good candidates for your camera. I’ll be thinking. I think your idea is great, and I love that you are true idealists. We need more of those.
    Love you – Sissy

  2. Shrewgy says:

    Hey my little explorer friends. The 15th is the chosen day for Mission Skates skateboard shop to open around the corner from Balmy at Mission and Treat. The dude is the dude behind the EMB Documentary, Thorne.
    In other news, I’ll have to get Jeremey drunk before y’all cut out on the Yay. So lemme hustle some cash up and grab a bottle. I’ll be back on Monday the 3rd. That may have to be the day.
    Hmmm, maybe I should just send an e-mail???

  3. Heather Pan: says:

    Abs, I love it. I love everything you’ve done since college and I am so proud of you! I’ll keep thinking of some good people for your docs, but either way, if you guys come near Steamboat, you are more than welcome to crash at our place!!!!!

  4. Neil Cocker says:

    Hey guys. Good luck on your roadtrip. I donated a few bucks (or quid, where I come from). Sorry it’s not much. But I’m saving every penny for my new business. You should definitely subscribe to if you haven’t already. Loads of supercool business ideas on it.

  5. Nicolette Bethea says:

    You guys are so cute. So nice to see you both actually using your skills in the field. Congrats!

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