Too poor to save the earth.

My father always said, “if I had a nickel for every ______, I would be rich.” I wish that statement were true, and that the ______ was filled with the words: Toyota Prius.

Mainly because if I did receive five cents for every one I saw, I might have enough to actually buy one.

San Francisco is a cesspool for hybrid hysteria- particularly the cute, but slightly cockroach looking Prius. I’m pretty sure every block has at least one. At almost every stoplight you can see the electric-gas vehicle smugly waiting it’s turn to burn less fuel.

South Park- Cartman In San Francisco

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And the Prius isn’t cheap. In fact, this weekend I found out I could purchase a Nissan X-Terra SUV for about the same price. However, I’d like to jump on the bandwagon and help save the earth.

So I’m proposing an idea for every hybrid owner in San Francisco: Donate one dollar to my “TeamJaded wants to save the earth fund,” and together we can reduce our carbon footprint. (There’s a donate button to the right… feel free to click away).

Furthermore, I’d like to go on record. I would actually like to own a plug-in electric car. Yes, they exist. Let me rephrase that. They existed… ten years ago. And they were good. No, the batteries didn’t suck. No, they didn’t pollute using electricity. They were awesome, and they were killed (smashed to be exact).

The California Zero Emissions Mandate is probably the reason we even have the hybrid. Ironically, they come NOT from US companies, but from foreign countries who were scared of the now defunct policy. Want to know more? Go rent “Who Killed the Electric Car.”

And for those of you who think the electric cars are ugly, we have the technology to change every car into a plug-in. It’s just expensive, and will be until the demand is there.

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