We’re smack in the middle of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Let it be known that I have no inkling of excitement for Shark Week. Sharks do not interest me. At all. But for those of you who do enjoy the man-eating-slayer-toothed-water-beast, here’s a nice graph from Swivel:

Number of Shark Attacks

I was pretty psyched when I stumbled across Swivel. Now, I’m hooked. As a journalism graduate, I was dismayed at the lack of statistical data used to back up news stories. It was as if I learned that emotion is more powerful than fact. And sadly, this may be true. But, if our emotions aren’t based in fact, then we are naively accepting the passions of the day (slightly 1984ish don’t you think?).

However, we’re told that facts, data, graphs, and charts… all these things are boring. In college it’s required to take physics, statistics, science, etc, and if these topics aren’t your bag, then out the door with ‘em!

Not true.

I know it’s in our human nature to want to understand. It’s the monotony of the typical data that weighs us down. When presented in a meaningful, and easy to understand way, it’s then we can grasp a true sense of the world around us. When facts aren’t accessible (be it visually or physically) we lose an important part of being a rational, critically thinking human being.

We can now be engaged with true statistics (sources are sited on Swivel) without having to comb through layers of opinionated blogs, emotion riddled news stories, and imaginary corporate lexicon.

Now, you will find that Chinese food isn’t the only thing with MSG.
You can legitimately freak out about Bird Flu… if you live in Azerbaijan.
AND, place bets on where your local church will take their next mission trip.

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  1. Dmitry says:

    Thanks for the good words about Swivel and for posting a graph. Hope to see you a lot on Swivel! If you have feedback for us, please drop us a line at feedback@swivel.com.

    Dmitry @ Swivel

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