Sisterz of the Underground

I confess. I don’t know jack about Hip Hop. I’d love to hit you up with tons of facts about rappers or throw down some statistics on Bboys. And although I received first place for my “Hip Hop and the Media” audio entry at 2004’s Broadcast Education Association Festival, I admit that does not certify my knowledge of the subject.

So, when we decided to do a story on Sisterz of the Underground, I felt a bit timid approaching these Hip Hop gurus. Now, I’ve listened to my fare share of underground Hip Hop (or more accurately, I think is underground… probably isn’t). I’ve taken Hip Hop dance classes. I’ve dabbled in spinning. But when I witnessed the talent that came out of the SOTU Six-Year Anniversary party, I knew we were in for a killer story.

These women are amazing. They hit it all- Bgirls, MC’s, DJ’s, Graf Artists, Singers, Entrepreneurs, women of all talents, skills, and trades… the list goes on. And it doesn’t stop there.

The San Francisco based all-female Hip Hop collective is empowering youth, young adults and women across the nation to get involved and make a positive difference in their culture. With different programs and events throughout the Bay Area (and beyond), SOTU is teaching a generation about the positive laurels and constructive activism that Hip Hop culture was founded upon.

A full-length documentary needs to be done on SOTU… but we only had six minutes. So we decided to explore their story through a day in the life of Crykit, SOTU’s DefEd Program Director. We also sat down with SOTU’s Founder Sarah Smalls, and Head Organizer TraciP, and learned how this collective is shaking up a culture, and challenging the Hip Hop norm.

It was an awesome experience working with and learning from these women. They have a fantastic program that’s truly influencing a generation.

We gotta thank everyone from Sisterz of the Underground for giving TeamJaded the opportunity to share such a rad story. Also, Leticia, Celine, and the awesome students at Kipp Bay Academy, everyone at Cellspace, and 111 Minna Gallery, thank you.

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