My neighbor and I have more in common than I thought.

I recently found out that I am like Mr. Rogers.

Although I don’t usually sit around watching my neighbor’s breakdance, according to Mental Floss, Mr. Rogers got into TV because he hated TV. Turns out, Mr. Rogers and I have that in common.

Mr. Rogers hated it because he saw people throwing pies at each other, and he felt the medium could be used for better purposes. And that’s what he did. He taught the world to be friends.

I use to think I hated TV because the actors sucked, or the plot was bad, or it was over dramatic. But now, I’m starting to think it was because I had no say in it; No control over what happened with it. Braden Dick says it best:

“There is no way for us as viewers to have a meaningful interaction with our televisions. We as viewers cannot openly and successfully challenge the rhetoric of television to any degree approaching success. We as viewers are presented with an increasingly complex set of ideologies to which we hold no real recourse of rebuttal in the form of our own independent ideas and beliefs.”

Nowadays we all can discuss what is good, and what is bad. A network executive can still pull the plug on a million dollar show because he thinks the ratings aren’t high enough. But now, it’s the videos that get a mass grassroots following that make a mark. It might not be as glossy as “So you think you can Dance”, but 49 million viewers watched “The Evolution of Dance”. It’s no epic Dawson’s Creek, but Lonely Girl captured a huge following. And this is only the beginning.

Nielson ratings be gone. We’ve got red stars, Diggs, and hit counts now.

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