If one is the lonliest number…

Apparently two can be as sad as one, but I’ve always wondered about three through six. What are they? Why don’t they get to have any intrinsic qualities? Good thing we know seven is the luckiest number.

So, I guess that makes this month (July) the luckiest month during the luckiest year (‘07). How fitting that the new Seven Wonders of the World were announced recently? It’s hard to believe the Pyramids in Egypt didn’t make the cut. I also must admit, I didn’t realize we could actually change the Seven Wonders of the World. I mean, if there were more Wonders, shouldn’t we just make Eight, or Nine Wonders? I guess people just like keeping it lucky.

And speaking of Seven Wonders, did you know Gandhi made a list he dubbed, “The Seven Blunders of the World?” Now, I guess I’ve never met Mr. Mahatma, but I didn’t think he was that cheesy. The list however, is something right up his alley. The Seven Blunders are:

1. Wealth without work
2. Pleasure without conscience
3. Knowledge without character
4. Commerce without morality
5. Science without humanity
6. Worship without sacrifice
7. Politics without principle

Some relate this list to the seven deadly sins. I guess they could redo the movie “Se7en“, but this time Brad Pitt’s job would be really easy. He would just arrest the President and the Vice President.

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