Does Apple have Lobbyists?

They were the two biggest attractions of the weekend.

It makes my stomach turn. Each in their own way.

“SiCKO” is a factual, enlightening, touching, poignant (I could go on forever with these adjectives) documentary on the state of the U.S. healthcare system (or lack thereof). It’s numbing. Moore uncovers the gluttony of privatized healthcare, the disregard thrown viciously on victims and unsuspecting families, and most surprisingly, the inadequate services we (as Americans) provide to our citizens when compared to almost every single industrialized nation in the world.

And audiences agree: 93% of viewers would “Strongly Recommend” the documentary to their friends and family. Hopefully, to the dismay of healthcare lobbyists, this film will expose the greed in our current system.

However, the iPhone mayhem proved it’s not just them… it’s us. Yes, it’s a cool phone. I might even go out on a limb and say, “it’s awesome.”

But… it’s a phone. And I’m guessing most of these people already own… a cellphone.

Turns out, 82% of people who purchased an iPhone, own an iPod. All across the country people were in hysterics for this ultra expensive-uber-cell/mp3player/internetsurfer/crack-phone.

It’s sick. Yep. The weekend was filled with masses of sick people.

But in a couple years from now when I’m walking around with my own iPhone, let’s pretend this post didn’t happen.

Someone just tipped me on this article… it sort of paints Moore as a whiner. Oh well… I think he may have been on to something.

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