Butts + Man Boobs ≠ Great Ads

I can’t remember the last time I went shopping, let alone the last time I walked into an American Eagle. However, when I saw this article, I realized how lame marketing could be (not saying that thought had never crossed my mind). It was basically my job for 3 years to make people like things. Forced to come up with catchy tag lines or phrases, I always knew someone, somewhere would be laughing at the complete nerdity of my “ingenious” colloquial slogan. Thankfully, I’m not as good as American Eagle, whose tag line is: American Eagle: Live Your Life. (picture below from Cracked)

These savvy ads surround us everyday. The number’s vary, but turns out we can see anywhere from 150 to 3,000 ads a day. And if you work in Times Square, not only are you in the higher end of that spectrum, you’re getting the rear end too. Apparently, Times Square Church is suing the Toto “Washlet” Company over their Happy Butt Campaign:

Too much rear! OMG, no more butts! No more man boobs either!

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