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Editors Note (5/06/08): It is insane how many hits this post gets compared to our other blogs and it has nothing to do with TeamJaed, just that photo. It’s funny to me, because I obsessively check our blog stats after we post anything so that I can see how many people have read the post. It’s a sickness, I admit it. So when I do that what I see is hit after hit from google images for this post, not our new posts. It’s been fun, but all good things must come to an end. I don’t want this post to be the first TeamJaded content most people see… but I also want to keep it up, so I’m taking out the name of the festival. Let’s hope that works.

Editors Note (2/16/08): This post gets a ton of hits from Google Image search because of this photo. Since this particular post was written in the early days of TeamJaded when like, we and our Mom’s were the only people who knew we had a blog, we just borrowed this image from Mr. Internet, ie some other persons obscure blog. To make a long story short, this picture is from B-roo 2006, not 2007. We have no idea who took it originally, and we don’t remember the url of the site we borrowed it from. Unfortunately Google Image search is staying tight lipped on this one and won’t even respond to waterboarding. So thanks to whoever originally posted this image. And now back to your regularly scheduled and sprawling Bonna ruined post.

I’m not sure if you know what B-roo is. I didn’t until a few weeks before I was on a plane to Tennessee as part of the Current TV A-Team that was going to do “some sort of live coverage.” That’s all I knew because I only work for Current part-time. So beyond the fact that Mr. Mark Rinehart one of the masterminds behind Current @ Bonna roo wanted me on his team in some capacity, “probably shooting and editing” I didn’t know much. Upon deeper inspection I found out that B-roo was some sort of southern Coachella, with kids in the middle of nowhere frying on mushrooms and listening to jam bands, you know that sort of thing.

Well that’s what I thought, but B-roo has developed over the years and now it would be more dryly defined as a four day music festival near Nashville, Tennessee that draws about a hundred thousand people and features a spectrum of music acts from DJ Shadow to the Flaming Lips, and has a crap load of art, and comedy, and theater, and is really quite a spectacle… (read a people in the middle of nowhere frying on mushrooms sort of thing.) So if you’re like me, and I doubt you are, then big music festivals full of dirty hippies frying on mushrooms is probably about the last place you’d want to be… and as rad as the 2 AM set that DJ Shadow put on was… and it was rad …what’s the big deal about B-roo really?

To answer that, I’ve gotta share my insane experience. I’m talking 5 days sleeping on a tour bus, working for 16 hours a day cutting pods in a trailer with no air conditioning where the temperatures peaked at about a hundred and ten in the afternoon… and it was awesome. We turned around 20 minutes of doc style programming fed via satellite to Current TV every day, and all twenty minutes of that played on the jumbo-trons at the main stage in blocks. The coverage was sick. Our crew was entrenched, on top of their shit, and just blowing the minds of each other, everyone back at the office, and really the entire TV industry.

The best part was that we got free catered food, VIP passes, and the port-o-potties where cleaned twice daily. We had showers in trailers where I came up on mad sketchy soap left behind by god knows who. Yeah I forgot to bring soap, or a towel, or anything like that. Lucky for me, Current supplied us with these yellow crew t-shirts that were great for drying off with. I didn’t make it out to the fest much, but the couple of nights I did, I rolled with Current Crew on golf carts, got the VIP treatment backstage, and had a blast (i.e. had lots of free booze). You can check out the coverage here:


Since I’ve been back in the SFC the world hasn’t been so amazing, especially with things like this going down:

“A Proclamation

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, pursuant to my powers under Article II, Section 2, of the Constitution, do hereby commute the prison terms imposed by the sentence upon the said Lewis Libby to expire immediately, leaving intact and in effect the two-year term of supervised release, with all its conditions, and all other components of the sentence.


If you don’t know the story then let me supply you with cliff notes:

Joe Wilson was a U.S. diplomat who dealt with African nations and Iraq. One of the premises for going to war with Iraq was that Saddam Hussein was trying to buy “yellow cake” from Niger which would have allowed him to make nuclear weapons and thus somehow attack the United States, even though his entire military had been destroyed in the first Gulf War and his country had been under sanctions and bomb attacks from the U.S. military ever since, leaving them virtually in ruins and defenseless, but I digress.

Joe Wilson went to Niger to find out about this mysterious “yellow cake” and what he found was nothing at all. Iraq wasn’t buying anything from Niger least of all “yellow cake.” So ole’ Joe decided for the benefit of the country that he would write an article professing as much and rightly accusing the Bush administration of exaggerating the threat of Iraq against the United States.

Well the Bushies didn’t like that too much so they went to war with Joe. His weak spot was that his wife, Valerie Plame happened to be an active CIA operative, a spy, yes an undercover agent specializing in… weapons of mass destruction… an expert on the topic that Bush was pushing as a reason for war. From the Bushies stand point Joe and his wife the undercover agent were fair game in their political war, so they outed Plame with the hope that it would cast doubt on Joe’s findings… I don’t really get that either she was an expert on the subject of weapons of mass destruction and would probably know more about weapons proliferation than the Bush White House.

Now where things get real ugly is that it turns out, revealing the identity of an undercover agent, especially in a time of war is illegal. In fact it’s treason because it threatens national security… so whoever was responsible for leaking Plames identity to the press had to pay. I mean we’re involved in a war, a war on terror, you can’t be outing CIA agents. That’s just not cool. Well as prosecutors climbed the ladder, first throwing reporters in jail to get them to talk (which stirred up a first amendment hornets nest) they eventually found their way to the White House and the office of Vice President Dick Cheney. The first White House staff member to go down was Mr. Scooter Libby, Chief of Staff to the Vice President. Libby was convicted of felony charges and sentenced to 30 months in jail for obstructing justice. However the investigation was not over…

…Until now. I mean the investigation will go on, but in name only. By commuting Scooter Libby’s sentence, Bush effectively set a precedent that his White House is untouchable. Anyone on his staff can freely break the law, even to the detriment of our national security and it doesn’t matter. So the prosecutors can indict more members of the White House staff, a jury can convict them, and a judge can sentence them to prison, but as long as King George is in power they will never face any real consequences. Say goodbye to everything you were ever taught about freedom and justice in America.

Perhaps the best words on this latest development were spoken by Keith Olbermann of MSNBC…


Also check out the Daily Kos article.

In other news an Arkansas kid was choked by a cop for skating on the sidewalk, and the cop got off.

See it for yourself:

The Crime:

The Verdict:
Check it out at the S.F. Gate

What is this country coming to? Cops and politicians don’t have to obey they law, but kids can get choked out for skating on the sidewalk. I’m so proud to be an American.

In effort to stand up for skaters rights Emerica sponsors an annual event called Wild in the Streets where thousands of skaters descend on one lucky metropolis and skate through the streets in solidarity with other skaters around the world. This year Wild in the Streets was in San Fran at the end of the Emerica Wild Ride Harley tour. Peep the website to read all about that adventure: Emerica Wild Ride

Team Jaded homie Shrewgs was on the tour and we caught up with him at the Phoenix Hotel in the tenderloin on the night of July 3rd. We drank beers with Shrewgy, and some of the other guys, and even Johnny Roughneck showed up. We had so much fun that we pretty much missed the entire Wild in the Streets event because we slept so late, but we did eventually make our way to Third and Yo for the very end of the barbeque. Luckily Youtube came correct for all the stuff we missed:

..but it was no Roughneck BART Tour:

And speaking of Roughneck their 55-day tour, Decade of Aggression starts Saturday in Mill Valley. Catch the crew somewhere across America in the next few months.

They’ll be in my home state in August… Maybe they’ll run into this dude:

Love you Vial.

I’m out.
Jeremey Lavoi

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