If anything, it started a discussion.

Whatever your opinion on the war in Iraq is (or as Jon Stewart would say, the “Mess O’ Potamia”), one thing is certain: TeamJaded’s “San Francisco Die In” will be on Current TV. There’s no telling when this event will actually occur, but viewers around the world will someday be able to watch on TV hundreds of protestors lying dead in the middle of downtown San Francisco.

Sound exciting? We thought so. Which was why, on a whim, TeamJaded decided to shoot the spectacle. What came of it was the following video:

Uploaded to Current’s website (as a straight up network purchase was shied away from- Al Gore’s network doesn’t want to look too lefty) the video slowly but surely made it’s way to the top of the leaderboard. And thanks to the votes of friends, family, and random people from the Current Community, “SF Die In” won the #1 spot on June 11th.

It was nice to see so many people voicing their opinion after watching the pod. It started a discussion (or texting feud), and even though we shot this with no motive, it was cool to see the emotion it provoked. Thanks to everyone who voted for this pod!

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