Daily Smarts

It’s blatantly obvious that I enjoy a good bout of The Daily Show/ Colbert Report. Besides nerdy History Channel & Discovery Channel shows, these two Comedy Central staples complete my TV repertoire. And thankfully, I never watch the network news. It turns out (surprise!) I’m smarter for watching Jon and Steven. According to a recent study, Fox News viewers aren’t up to par when it comes to current events.

And… one would have hoped the Internet would have spewed out a bit of enlightened knowledge on the American public, but sadly, only 69% of people today can name… the Vice President. Apparently, Cheney is really good at keeping information from the public.

But thanks to wikipedia, we can all ooze our vast and unending knowledge into the “free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.” Your wikiality is my wikiality. But who’s wikiality is bigger, you ask? Katie Holmes or Oliver Wendell Holmes? And don’t ask if they mean the Poet or the Supreme Court Justice. Test your knowledge here.

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